Two Choices to make

Since all KEVA planks are the same size and shape, you have two decisions to make:

1) How many should I get?

A: 100 per student. The more the better.  As many as you can afford. People usually want more and more. 

2) What type of storage system should I get? 

A. All of our container systems are attractive, practical and durable so they withstand the daily rigors of the classroom.


Any classroom needs a minimum of 800-1000 planks to allow several students to build at the same time and gain momentum and excitement for construction. 

We recommend 100-150 planks per student as a rule of thumb.  If you cannot afford that many, do not be discouraged.  Purchase whatever you can manage and add more when you see success and get more funds.  Students build as long as they have planks.  If each person has 50 planks, the activity will inherently last about 5-10 minutes because they will use all of their planks.  

One option if you have many students and a limited number of KEVA planks is to set up a construction station with just a few students building at one time. Another option is to share KEVA Planks among classrooms.  If five classrooms each have 1000 planks,  those planks could all be rolled into one room for a big building experience.  When done, divvy up the planks and send them back to their homerooms. 

A large number of planks make the job of the leader easier because you can give one open-ended construction challenge and students will be engaged for a long time without your constant input.  Also, kids get more excited when they can build larger sized projects.  People are more likely to work together in teams for large projects and more likely to share their creations on social media. 

20 Planks/Student

Even 20 KEVA Planks per student can provide a great experience.  We have many challenge activities that work great with 20 planks. 

Maple or Pine KEVA Planks

All of the KEVA planks sold at are made from maple in the USA.  We have a line of KEVA products that are made from pine as a more affordable solution for consumers.  Since we believe educators should always use maple KEVA planks, we only sell maple.  Our line of KEVA  products made from pine are available from the manufacturer,, Amazon and other places online.  Maple and pine KEVA planks are the same size and shape.

Go for Maple if you want:

  • Highest quality
  • Most durability
  • Heirloom Quality
  • Made in USA

  • Maple is a hard dense durable wood that resists dings, dents and rounded edges.  Straight, crisp edges are necessary for the best stacking experience. 
  • Maple is commonly used for gym floors, bowling pins and cutting boards because of its superior durability. We use maple for the same reason. 
  • Maple has very tight pores that resist fingerprints and dirt.  
  • Maple is very dense so the planks stack with more stability and feel weighty and balanced.
  • The wood grain of maple is particularly beautiful, so maple is commonly used in art galleries and for works of art. Maple KEVA Planks are works of art. 
  • Maple KEVA planks are made in the USA with the finest woodworking machinery in the world so the planks are cut with incredible precision and no sanding.  
  • Maple costs more upfront than pine, but provides the best construction experience and the best long term value.
  • Maple KEVA Planks are made with heirloom quality for heirloom memories. Your children can grow up with maple KEVA planks and pass them on to their children. 

Which Container?

Each container has its own benefits and each educator has different needs and preferences

DuraflexTM Wood Bin

This is our largest container and the most compact way to store a large number of planks.  It weighs 58 lbs so we put heavy duty casters on it so you or you students can easily roll it wherever you want it - across the room or down the hall. It is made with 9 ply baltic birch and nylon corner connects that make it flex instead of break if it is stressed.  A lid is available-sold separately. We ship it flat to avoid shipping damage and excessive packaging material.  You can easily assemble it with a hammer and screwdriver. 

DualPortTMCanvas Drawstring Totes

We have two Canvas Tote sizes.  The large tote holds 400 KEVA Planks. The medium tote holds 200 KEVA Planks. The clever design allows you to keep the planks in the bag with a drawstring closure when you are transporting but allows you to tuck the drawstring flaps out of the way for easy access when the KEVA planks are being used or at cleanup. The canvas is heavy duty 20 oz natural cotton which makes the sides stiff so it stays open like bucket.  The handles are sewn the entire length of the sides for super durability.  The lovely design looks good in any environment.  Canvas Totes allow you to distribute KEVA planks to multiple builders or groups so builders can be spread out, get started sooner and make cleanup quicker for everyone because there are multiple containers.  The Canvas totes are light enough that children can carry them.  The large Tote with 400 planks weighs 15 lbs.  The medium Tote with 200 planks weighs 7.5 lbs. 

Really Useful BoxesTMplastic bins

We have partnered with Really Useful BoxesTM to bring you perhaps the best plastic bins in the world.  They are made in the UK and USA with thick clear plastic, locking lid, comfortable handles, deepset lid for secure stacking and straight walls to maximize the storage volume.  These are the most practical, attractive, durable plastic bins we could find anywhere - higher quality than typical consumer plastic bins.  Plastic bins sit securely on a shelf, cart or dolly and are easy to transport in a vehicle.  Clear boxes make the KEVA Planks visible to remind you and your students that the Planks are ready and waiting to be put to play.