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Mind Mover Puzzles

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Enjoy solving plank puzzles with these fun and challenging cards
Item Number: MindMoverEd
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- 30 Puzzles- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
- Includes clear plastic case
- Encourage Visual-Spatial Reasoning
- Fun and Challenging

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Mental Exercise

Make the most of the left and right sides of your brain. Just as your muscles must do the work of lifting weights to grow stronger, our brains must do their own mental work.

Encourages Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Reasoning about space and how to manipulate objects is a critical part of everyday life. KEVA Planks can be easily moved around to try different concepts. If your idea for the solution gets totally scrambled, it is very easy to reset and try again.

Strengthens Memory

Solving puzzles strengthens neural connections and increases the building of new connections.

Improves Problem-Solving Ability

Each Mind Mover Puzzles requires a different approach. They help you learn the value of trial and error and changing perspectives when things don't go as planned.Age:

Recommended for ages 7 and up.