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Laminated Idea Cards - Education Pack (Price: $14.99)

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Item Number: IdeaCardsEd
Availability: In Stock.
- Included with each Educator set of 200+ planks at KEVAplanks.com
- 5 Heavy Duty Cards with 100 Project Photos: Simple, Intermediate, Advanced, Ball Runs, and Building Basics
- 2 Leader Reference Cards with open-ended challenges and activities
- 5 Sample 3D Challenge Cards
- Qualifies for free shipping with orders over $150

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NOTE: This packet is included with each EDUCATOR Set of 200+ planks at KEVAplanks.com.

What's Included:

  • Idea Card Pack:
    • 5 Heavy duty laminated idea cards (8.5" x 5.5"): 1 card each for Simple Projects, Intermediate Projects, Advanced Projects, Ball Runs, and Building Basics. Cards have 16 pt thickness, 2 mil lamination for durability, and safe rounded corners.
    • 2 Activity reference cards with dozens of open-ended KEVA challenges
    • 1 Branded KEVA Plank
    • 5 Sample 3D Challenge Cards
Idea Cards are heavy duty instructional companions to each of our KEVA sets. Originally designed for educator's they provide endless ideas for individuals as well as groups and leaders.

Some people prefer to build entirely with their imagination, inspired by things they have seen in the world around them. Other people prefer to see a few built out KEVA projects before digging into their own builds. Our idea cards provide some scope for the kinds of projects anyone can build with KEVA.

Our Teacher Reference Cards are the shortest educator's manual you've ever seen (probably). With very little reading required for you, we lay out prompts you can use with a wide variety of subjects, students, and age groups to teach your material and watch your students blossom as they work together.

Each card is different and packed with ideas to inspire your class in their exploration of KEVA planks!

Proudly made in the U.S.A.
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